mumble from a sometime-painter.

Just tell me... Should I carefully inspecting the subject before start drawing, or should I grow my understanding during the process of drawing? :)


Brazilian churrasco restaurant Barbacoa in Roppongi

 With chic, elegant interior and gorgeous buffet style grill, the Brazilian churrasco restaurant Barbacoa in Roppongi is a must place to go (Official web site is here). One day in January, I arranged meeting with my friend to have some fun lunch there.

 As I walked in, I noticed the absence of customers inside. That wasn't surprising me, after all. They'd  just opened it, and I was the first one to come in. Well, it seems I have plenty of time to take photos :)

 In the kitchen, there are whole meat rolling in the oven, yummy flavour was spilling over the restaurant. So...it's time to eat :)

They gave me a small plastic coin with one side of green while the other marked with dark gray. It tells chefs if we need more meat to have: when I put the coin with green colour, they keep bringing meats. When I turn over the coin, show gray side, they stop. What they've got was...

Not only grilled beef, pork, lamb, but also cheese and pineapples. It's great to have a slice of warmed pineapple, which was even more juicy and sweet :)


 After taking a variety of food, I headed up in 49th floor, where they have limited library.  I was supposed to study all afternoon, but fallen in asleep once I sit back. Well, that happens to me every time I become so content. No regret! At all!! :)


Sweet life!

One thing is clear: Traditional Japanese sweets or not, I can't go without it!


Turn to be 30-year-old.

 As a high school student back in 2004, when I was 16 years old, I had no idea what it's like to be a mid age man. Even more, I hadn't expected to be. That might not be surprising, since my mental illness was about to emerge at that time, and I thought I would have commit suicide anytime soon. Time went on, however, I managed to survive those depressive dark era, including several critical moments such as suicide attempt. During my 20s, so many things had happened. I've been to East and Central Africa, South East Asia, Central America, and Middle Eastern countries, where many of them struggle under the regime change, autocratic government, desperate civil war after that. There was divorce after my 4-year marriage. My doctor had finally told me that my mental illness is over. I decided to move to Tokyo from my hometown Nagoya. I became a big believer for natural life. And here I am, I'm finally 30-year-old now :)

 Perhaps my period of 20s wasn't as great as ordinary Japanese who is the same generation of mine. But, I love my life. Sketching flowers and old-fashioned architectures, taking a long walk with my camera, cooking warm soups in the freezing morning... I love them all, and hopefully I keep enjoying the rest of my life as well.
 Before updating this post, let me briefly share with piece of moments through the past ten years :)


 Me, taken a day before my birthday in 2017 :)